"Do You Need A Self Functioning Solar-Powered Light To Illuminate Your Home and Street, Keep Yourself, Friends And Family Safe?"

A New Upgraded Solar Streetlight with a Radar Remote Control

Lighten Up Your Way Home With This New 60 Watts Solar Light With 120 LED Bulbs (PIR Motion Detection Sensor... Over 3000 Lumen High Power)

Lighten Up Your Way Home With This New 200 Watts Solar Light 

+ FREE 40 Watts Solar Motion Light

(PIR Motion Detection Sensor… Over 22000 Lumen High Power)

This 60W Solar Street Light, 6000 Lumens features super-bright LEDs that will light up the dark in a matter of seconds. Designed and built for a wide range of lighting applications such as commercial and industrial buildings, parking lots, street, pathway lights, playground, farms, parks and large area Residential and Recreational lighting. This high quality built and very durable light is completely self-contained.

Its innovative smart lighting profiles offer true Dusk to Dawn all night lighting capability. It offers flexibility for critical weather and variations of geographic locations and it is able to automatically manage the critical status of the battery. An All In One Design! 

The illumination range of one light can reach 6-8 Meters

This Solar Streetlight comes with a radar sensor remote control

  • This light uses the energy of the sun, it requires no Batteries or Wiring
  • Equipped with High-efficient Motion Detection Sensor
  • It has strong durability (5 years life span)
  • Solar powered light is IP65 waterproof to ensure the light works properly no matter rain,snow or heat and also, it completely protects the circuit and battery and makes its life span 2 times better than others
  • Comes with a Radar Sensor Remote Control

It is easy to install without pulling wires, just screw the product to the wall


    • No need wires or electrical power
    • Dusk to Dawn
    • ON/OFF switch
    • These Solar Street Lights will stay ON at full brightness all night long. Our solar powered outdoor lights DO last ON All Night Long
    • These Solar Lights last up to 14 hours during the night with only 2 hours of direct sunlight on the solar panel
    • Warranty: 1-year warranty
    • Durability: Over 5 years

Solar Streetlight for Outdoor brings 3 Working Modes to Cope with Different Usage Scenarios

  • PIR sensor + light control: The light will turn ON when people pass by in the darkness.
  • Light control: The light will light up when the surrounding is getting dark.    
  • PIR sensor + dimmable + light control: The light will return to “slightly bright” mode after 30seconds that people pass the ligh

Perfect for using on street, compound, back yard, garage, driveway, deck, pathway, and porch

This 60Watt Solar Security Light With Motion Detector and over 3000 Lumen can withstand any adverse weather condition (-30 to +60 Degrees)



We Are Currently Running Promo Sales Now…

So Hurry To Get Yours Today





We Are Currently Running Promo Sales Now…

So Hurry To Get Yours Today

Payment Is Made On Delivery and FREE Delivery Nationwide (No Charges Attached)

Here Is What You Will Get For #25,000

1 Piece of Light = N25,000

2 Pieces of Light = N48,000

3 Pieces of Light = N69,000             

4 Pieces of Light = N88,000

5 Pieces of Light = N105,000

6 Pieces of Light = N120,000

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